Welcome to the website of Southampton University Men's Hockey Club, (SUMHC) the mighty 'Wessex Rangers'. We have 4 teams playing in BUCS university leagues on Wednesdays and 5 teams playing in local Hampshire leagues on Saturdays. All abilities are welcome!


On this site you will find information about the club, including joining details, team results and contact information.

Our Sponsors:


We are proud to have Lydia as our shirt sponsors for this season. Lydia are a payment smartphone app which is perfect for students!


We use it for everything, from paying annual membership to paying for new kit. But Lydia would also be great for bills in a student house or paying your mate back for a round at a pub, like the Drummond Arms!


Check them out here!



Drummond Arms:

The Drummond Arms is a friendly and traditional local pub who very kindly supply us with fabulous teas after every home match.


The Drummond Arms is the perfect place to go to celebrate yet another glorious Wessex victory, or to cheer yourself up after a heavy defeat to the mighty Wessex.


Located on the corner of Summerset Road and Welbeck Avenue, be sure to check out the Drummond Arms!