Welcome to the website of Southampton University Men's Hockey Club (SUMHC), the mighty 'Wessex Rangers'. We have 4 teams playing in BUCS university leagues on Wednesdays and 5 teams playing in local Hampshire leagues on Saturdays. All abilities are welcome!


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3rd XI

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Tuesday 18:00-20:00 at Wide Lane

Hello and welcome to Southampton University Men’s Hockey Club 3XI. I’m Hamish Hanson, a third year Economics student, and am El Capitan of the team this year.

You may think the 3XI is not where winners are made, because they’re slap bang in the middle of the pack of our 5 teams. That’s where you are right but also sort of wrong. The 3s have a renowned balance between playing good hockey, wanting to win but also having a laugh while we do it.


We play two matches a week, one match in BUCS (University League) on a Wednesday and the other on Saturdays in the local Hampshire league. This year in BUCS we were, essentially, robbed. Plymouth played some bang average hockey but it was raining and we’re a solar powered team so we couldn’t seem to beat them at home or away; letting promotion slip through our fingers. We’ll redouble our efforts in the coming season and hopefully take what we deserve. More importantly the Southampton 4XI are in the same league and if we finish below them we’ll never live down the shame and I’ll probably have to name my first child Sameer (after the 4s captain).


In Hampshire we started poorly but with a late season surge rose out of relegation, smashed some top table teams and finished a respectable 7th. I believe with a strong start we could flourish in Hampshire and challenge for promotion. We train on a Tuesday evening with additional skills training available on Fridays.

A highlight of every season is Varsity, where we play Portsmouth 3s. Last season we won 2-1 with the last touch of the game in a moment I can only describe as pure ecstasy. We travel away for varsity this season, there’s not a much more satisfying feeling in life than smashing a team at their own ground while their whole club watches.


Off the pitch the 3s always have strong participation in socials, whether that be on Wednesday with the whole club or on Saturdays team socials where we are often joined by our Ladies 3rd team. The socials give you a chance to get to know your team mates and the whole club better, they’re also insanely good fun.


SUMHC has been a huge part of my university life and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it. I’ve met such a fantastic and varied group of people who have made my university experience better than I could have possibly hoped for.

All in all I could not recommend SUMHC enough. The 3rd XI can’t wait to be back to start the season and we are looking forward to meeting you then! Should you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch!



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